Objective Consulting is leading the way in the growing field of Wearables bring a newuser experience to computing, and well crafted apps understand how to leverage the differences. People wearing smart devices expect their apps to be equally smart, to read their minds, and to deliver the information they want, when they want it, without being prompted. Contextual delivery of information is crucial – and we can help you understand that context and deliver your content to your users.

Members of our team frequently speak on the subject of design of wearable applications and we have the first Google Developer Expert for Google Glass on staff to deliver your wearable vision. We helped develop some of the first Glassware available through Google and can help you navigate the review process to get it in front of thousands of Glass Explorers.wearables. From Google Glass to Pebble, Android Wear, and the Apple Watch, wearables are more than just cool and go far beyond being an updated smartphone. We can help you understand how to integrate these new tools into your existing workflow and help you do things in a new and better way.